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Buy Safe Ingredients Dog Food OnlineBella is a nine year old rescue dog who was one half of the duo Buddy Boy and Bella Girl Buddy Boy- her hero – was an extra large German shepherd rescue who after 11 active years of possum hunting, ball catching and fence jumping was mercifully put down in May of 2022 after succumbing to large dog issues. Bella girl a healthy 50 pound dog (who along with Buddy boy ate a premium US based dry dog food) subsequently found herself alone and with no alpha dog to lead her began to eat less and lose weight.

By August of 2022 Bella girl and I moved from the Midwest to the Southeast and Bella Girl was no longer surrounded by her familiar caregiver or Buddy Boy. Bella’s world changed drastically and so did her eating habits. Even though nothing was physically wrong with Bella by April of 2023 she had lost over 20% of her body weight and her ribs showed prominently.

I tried changing the flavors of her dog food and adding canned versions of her premium dog food to her dry food to entice her to eat. Bella’s appetite did not increase and I was saddened by her dramatic weight loss. However, in May 2023, Bella Girl was introduced to My Doggie’s Restaurant’s True Human Grade Dog Food. The Beef and Rice recipe was an immediate success and Bella ate with vigor for the first time in over a year. Truly, I was amazed at how much Bella Girl ate. Within a month of eating My Doggie’s Restaurant – Beef and Rice recipe Bella’s ribs stopped showing and her overall demeanor improved. Three months later Bella continues to eat heartily, her coat is soft beautiful and she is energetic and healthy. I tried the rest and recommend the best – My Doggie’s Restaurant.

Dr. C. Pugh, PhD

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